Hand chain hoist with integrated push or geared type trolley (low headroom) model Yalelift LH ATEX

Capacity 500 - 10000 kg
The hand chain hoist model Yalelift LH with integrated low headroom manual trolley is the consequent further development of the Yalelift IT. Wherever an even smaller headroom is essential, the Yalelift LH is the ideal choice.


• The specially developed chain reeving system and chain guide allow the bottom block to be pulled laterally to the hoist even further up and almost against the beam flange.
• The integrated design of the innovative Yalelift LH uses the same manual trolleys as incorporated in the Yalelift IT series.
• All models of the LH series up to 3000 kg capacity are provided with single chain fall.
• The proven and almost stepless adjustment system allows quick and easy assembly of the trolley.
• The trolleys up to 5 t are offered for two beam ranges. Range A for a flange width up to 180 mm is standard and covers approx. 80 % of all requirements. Conversion to range B for beam width up to 300 mm can be easily accomplished

atex hand chain hoist3

Technical Specification ...

atex hand chain hoist4