Life Boat Accessories


Rescue Quoit & Line

Quoit complate with 30m self floating rope, deployable for immediate rescue

Oars - Lifeboat & Liferaft

Light weight and durable oars. Available in plastic or wood

Sea Anchor

Used to slow down boat or liferaft when facing strong winds or heavy seas

Day Signal Shapes

Ball, cylindrical, conical, double conical and diamond shape

Signalling Flags

International marine signal flags

Signalling Torch

Waterproof rubber signalling torch with lanyard and batteries

Oil Bag

Canvas bag loosely filled with oil absorbent material

Senhouse Slip

Fits between HRU and lashing strap, securing a liferaft its cradle

Search Light

Watertight, hand-held search light with morse and on/off switch

Hydrostatic Release Unit

The Hammer H20 is designed to activate release at depths between 1.5-4m

Ration-Seven Oceans

Emergency food ration 500gms with 5 years shelf life

Water- Seven Oceans

Emergency drinking water 500ml with 5 years shelf life

Retro Reflective Tape

Retro reflective tape 2" X 50 mtrs rolls in accordance to SOLAS code


Short handled, single edge hatchat for use in lideboats

FRP Repair Kit

fiberglass rapair kit for lifeboats and rescue boat

Heliograph Mirrer

A compact daylight signalling mirror

Rader Reflector

Made of special lightweight alloy treated against corrosion, folds flat for storage

Fishing Kit

Suvival fishing kit