Life Raft Accessories


Rescue Signaling Card

Intelnational Search And Rescue Communication signals waterproof card

Survival Manual

Waterproof survival instruction manual for lifeafts and lifeboats

Painter Line

Heavy duty polypropylene braided line that floats water


Whistle with lanyard

Anti- Seasickness Tablets

Anti sea sickness for lifeafts and lifeboats

Anti- Seasickness Bag

Plastic sea sickness bag for lifeafts and lifeboats

Boat Hook

For docking rescuing a person. Wood or plastic pole available

First Aid Kit

Firts Air kit SOLAS. Available in a plastic container or metal pounch

Lifeboat FDP

used during maintenance for avoiding accidents. maximun break level of 40T


Plastic bailer used to remove accumulated seawater

Manual Bilge Pump

Portable pump for easily removing bilge water

Buatant Heaving Line

Orange Polypropylene floating line of 30 min length


Galvanised crutches to hold boat oars

Dipper with Cain

Rustproof dipper with cain

Graduated Drinking Vessel

Rustproof graduated drinking vessel

Jack Knife

Knife with lanyard for use in lifeboats and lifeafts

Survival Matches

Windproof matches packed in sealed waterproof container

Floating Knife

Buayant knife with rounded blade