Portable Combination Gas Detector

• Portable Combination Gas Detector
• CH4/O2/CO/CO2 detector for LNG carrier
• HC/O2/H2S detector for crude oil tanker
• HC/O2/H2S low and high range detector for crude oil tanker
• MED approved
• ABS approved
• H.K approved
• H.K approved
• Baseefa / ATEX approved: Ex d ia IIB T3

• Dual range detection of CH4 or HC in %vol and %LEL
• Unique gas combinations include:
• CH4/O2/CO/CO2
• HC/O2/H2S

• Measurable gas in inert condition with infrared sensor
• High range H2S O-1, 000ppm available (RX-517)
• atex eX D IA IIB T3 approved
• Water and dust resistant IP67
• Datalogging (Max 30 hours of interval trend)

Technical Specification ...